Reduce the Cost of Your Energy Consumption, Now!

Green Energy Solutions are gaining momentum as both domestic and commercial establishments are looking for the best solution possible. The main reasons include:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Possible grants from the government
  • People are more inclined to buy products from companies that use Green Energy

We specialise in a variety of Energy Solutions and are accredited with the installation of solar systems for all purposes whether it’s a stand alone installation or a grid-connect installation.

Optimisation of your Electrical Connections

Our Electrical Services are designed to meet customer requirements and to surpass the set standards whether we’re installing for your home, a remote location or even a large commercial facility.

For optimum efficiency we utilise high quality products from leading global manufacturers and therefore you receive electrical systems that are built to last.

We understand that Energy Management is critical to the success of any business or Organisation. Garnet Electrical Services provides specialist services in the design, installation and management of efficient energy management technology, including:

C-Bus (Clipsal Integrated Systems)

C-Bus (Clipsal Integrated Systems) is a cost efficient and easy to use Electrical Management system designed to increase an organisations electrical energy efficiency and flexibility.

Organic Response Lighting Control

Organic response lighting control technology: this revolutionary lighting control system uses the latest technology to maximise lighting efficiency

Sensor controlled lighting

We supply and install movement sensors and innovative present detection to control the operation of lighting to reduce energy consumption


Garnet Electrical Services understands that energy costs are rising rapidly. Our team of professionals can advise and manage solutions that WILL dramatically cut energy costs

Green Energy Audits

Invite Us To Review Your Facility To Save On Your Energy Costs

A green energy audit service can help you evaluate your current green energy usage and identify areas where you can save. Additionally, Government Grants are available to organisations genuinely committed to a healthier sustainable environmental future.

Allow Garnet Electrical Services take care of your Green energy strategy and find the most cost efficient means of running your business or organisation. Our professional team will audit and evaluate essential business infrastructure and provide a macro green energy solution that suits you. Important infrastructure evaluations include but not limited to:

  • Custom made and standardised solar power options
  • Energy efficient lighting control systems
  • Automatic doors to help control internal environments
  • Sky lights to maximise natural light
  • Ceiling fans that limit the use of air-conditioning

Please contact us on 03 8336 1977 to discuss the wide range of services we can provide to your business or organisation should you seek to save money on energy costs.